Pg0 Introduction

This is the introduction of our author Abras, He's was well known sorcerer from the Holy roman empire. Born 1632, he was raised by wizards and trained to be top of his class.


Before you is my book, a collection of dark arts, incantations, personal logs, witchcraft, rituals, pages upon pages of information I've collected from my experience's with the magical and unknown alike.

What you choose to do with this book is up to you, Weather you use it to conquer the world or revive the dead. Just be warned, Power comes with consequences.

Before you view the first page of this book, you should know that there are things contained in these pages that cannot be unread, unseen, unlearned. So be absolutely sure you want to continue.

Along with this book, of which I am naming The Necronomicon. I have written too other works, these are called the Witchcraft and Sorcery volume 1/2.

~ Signed