Pg1 - Beginner incantations

These are the first dark magic castings Abras came across when he studied the dark arts. Decay, Hellfire and Shadow Step.

Decay- A relatively common spell that can be devastating when casted properly, even with low quality ingredients you cause mild to sever necrosis. Lets just say with some high quality ingredients and the right circumstances you can decay a person from the inside-out right in front of yourself. 

Hellfire- Summon fire from the depths of the underworld, this fire burns blue and is far hotter then any naturally occurring fire being able to melt through metal. Make sure to thoroughly enchant anything you don't want to be incinerated by the Hellfire.

Shadow Step- Allows the caster the temporary ability to traverse in-between our realm and the realm of shadows. When utilized correctly this can be use to get structures as they don't exist on the other side. Beware however, while you may be using the shadow realm for transport you aren't from there, that doesn't mean you're alone though.

The ingredients are as follows: 2 handfuls of , half bottle of refined shadow oil, and ground up shadow stalker dog teeth. combine in bottle and ingest a gulp whenever you want temporary access to the shadow realm.