Pg2 - The Cult of Lost Eternity 

Abras, tasked by the pope to investigate and infiltrate local cult in the Roman capital city, he gathers information from locals and plans his next move.


Led by the leader of a small town in the Holy Roman Empire, this cult worships a dead god, one that was betrayed and left to die by the others.

In my meeting with the pope he asked for my assistance to find the cult and deal with them somehow. From what I can understand the cult works from the shadows, but after following a couple rumors I managed to find out that they operate out of an underground temple.

The pope told me the history of the dead god, Eres, The previous god of time. Legend has it Eros was offering mortals eternal life, the other god's didn't like that.  They set him up with a ambush and ignored his cry's for help.

The cult's goal is to use an ancient Egyptian god revival spell to resurrect Eros. To do so they need 7Mg of Phoenix tears, 5Oz of Elder God blood, 10 human sacrifices and 3Lb of bark from the world tree. As it currently stands we believe they have none of these, however we cant be sure, as I continue to study the god's and the cosmos ill be sure to run into this cult again.