Pg8 - CLE Time travel

Abras tracked down and managed to interrupt a CLE ritual, but in doing so tampers with the spell and catapults everyone trough time.


I managed to interrupt a Cult of Lost Eternity ritual, turns out it was a time travel spell. Their original goal was to go back in time to collect bark from the world tree. However in the process of "interrupting" I got everyone in the room sent to different points in time.

Note: I'm not proud about what happened.

I got send to the future. 364 years into the future, I landed in 2019. The world has changed so drastically, its unrecognizable. The world has lost its sense of magic, instead siding with science. But I see no reason to stop my work I doubt magic has entirely disappeared rather then change, so I shall continue in this new age, at least until I can find a way back to my time.