Pg4 - River Guardian 

Abras joined a vision circle, its a group ritual where everyone has a vision, Abras saw into another realm, known as fate's Edge. the different realms that make up our reality as a whole are like layers folded on top of each other structured like so to keep the universe stable, this must mean that there are layers on the edge. Fates edge is the bottom most layer of reality, deeper then the underworld, deeper then the abyss. It exists alone, a single island seeming supported by nothing as it floats above an infinite see of absolute void. a river can be observed flowing off both edges of the island, in his vision Abras felt as if he was looking through the eyes of another. Someone aboard a boat with a crew sailing on the river, he observed how the river spit in two distinct paths half way. the left path continued on to the other side of the island until it flowed off, while the right path got cut off abruptly by a large stone archway made from carved stones.  

The worst part of the vision was when he saw the one cloaked in yellow, despite not knowing who this mysterious person is, and despite Abras not actually being there he still felt the same emotions that the original viewer felt in that moment. Fear instantly started spiking throughout his body legs shaking even though he was siting. All of those emotions snapped away though when he herd the captain shouting orders, as he zoned back into the vision the ship got closer to the stone archway, far enough that turning onto the left path was no longer an option they were beyond the point of no return. As they approached the archway the one clocked in yellow got irritated and an ominous music started paying but it had no discernible source, he began to tremble again but that was nothing compared to how he felt when he saw the squid like arms emerging from the bottom of the cloak, they seemed impossible in length and number. Abras began to fade from the vision with the last things he see being the ship getting torn apart from the numerous tendril like arms.